Integrate email address validation into your application  or website using our API.

Possible applications

  • If you operate a lead generation web site, blog or forum make it harder for users to sign up with false emails.
  • For e-commerce checkouts, make sure customers receive their order notifications by preventing invalid emails from being entered.
  • If your call centre takes email addresses as part of the customer contact data, real-time verification can greatly reduce the amount of incorrectly keyed emailed addresses.
  • For software vendors where email addresses are captured as part of the on-boarding process, integrate full email verification as a value-add for your service.
With Email-Checker, there is no need any more to take incorrect email addresses and wait for them to bounce!

Technical details

Use on any platform. Our web service implementation can be called using standard protocols including SOAP, POST & GET. The results from the service can be interpreted by any platform that can parse XML.
  • Microsoft™ WCF implementation avaialable.
  • Validates to mailbox level. Check an address is current & valid.
  • Validates email syntax. Quickly check the syntax of an email address.
  • Get MX records for a domain. Get mail servers and metric for a domain.
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Note: Integration of this service requires advanced programming skills in SOAP & XML technologies. If you are not comfortable with programming, you might like to consider our on-line bulk email checker.

API Pricing

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